Beard & Mustache Transplant


Beard transplantation is also done by Fue method. The nape area should be pereffred as donor area. Roots removed for beard transplantation should be single in general; double and triple grafts should be separated and single grafts should be made.

Direction is important according to the transplantation area in beard transplantation. Because the chin part is more visible, dense transplantation should be applied to prevent thin appearance. Moustache should also be dense and frequent similarly. Thin transplantation may be applied on cheek and gill area.

Only single roots should be used for beard and moustache transplantation. This increases difficulty degree of the transplantation and the time spent as well. Price is more expensive than hair transplantation. Approximately 3000 grafts will be enough for an individual who does not have any beard and moustache.

The process after the procedure is same as hair transplantation. However, because the face is very active and sensitive, you should not move your face for the first three day. You should talk less, prefer liquid food; otherwise roots may not hold. It is recommended that you should not shave for first 10 to 15 days.