Eyebrow Transplant


Single grafts removed by Fue method are used for eyelash and eyebrow transplantation. Double and triple grafts are separated and single grafts are made. Nape area is preferred as donor area. 200 to 600 roots will be enough for a single eyebrow according to gap on the eyebrow for eyebrow transplantation. The process after the procedure is same as hair transplantation. No water should be contacted for the first 24 hours. Transplanted hair follicles lose within 1 month. To apply massage along the growth direction of the eyebrows when they start to grow after 3 months will be effective for direction. First eyebrow strands will seem thick and hard; they naturally look like the hair of the nape area; eyebrows adopt the new area within a year and become thinner and have an eyebrow vision.

The important point in eyelash transplantation is whether the individual has healthy eyelids. If there is not any problem, hair roots taken from the nape area by local anesthesia are placed onto the eyelids through desired direction one by one. Because eyelashes transplanted from the hair roots will grow, they will need to be shorten in times.

50 to 100 roots may be enough for hair transplantation according to the need. Thinner hair roots are selected for eyelash transplantation from down side of the donor area.

Contrary to hair, beard and moustache transplantation, eyelashes may continue to grow without any loss in eyelash transplantation. Prices are not determined according to the hair root count ing eyebrow and eyelash transplantation. Pricing is performed according to the sessions.